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ChatHalla enables your ecommerce sales team to analyze customers' purchase history, preferences and browsing history, before they start a WebChat session. It also allows them to see what the client is looking at while they chat with them and what they are typing event before they hit “Enter”.

ChatHalla enhances the sales conversion rate with more than 75% and allows e-commerce merchants to close deals much faster, leveraging less resources and time. 


Aggregated dashboards gives business owners the ability to access regional, product or industry vertical analytics in far greater detail than any mass service such as Google analytics. Resulting in significant marketing, inventory and staffing cost synergies.

Our core strength is in scalability across multiple domains. Marketing, Sales, Inventory, Talen acquisition, Support and many more. The ChatHalla platform can expand and facilitate:

1.  Making opening sales channels and assessing and attracting talent easy, through integration with Social media platforms. Sales reps performance, location, language skills, industry expertise can be leveraged by multiple vendors to develop an active sales rep talent pool.  

2. Instant Messaging platforms integration, combining analytics, ease of access and marketing exposure. Enabling seamless experience for clients and sales reps alike. 

3.  Power ecommerce SMBs with enterprise-grade analytics and intuitive pivot-style reporting, and simple 3-click installation.

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